6 Weeks of Curl Classics (Beta)

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This 6 week course will be introducing you to the ACA’s concepts and philosophies surrounding Naturally Textured Curls led by Amy Bush. With Amy’s 4 Pillar system, you’ll be able to apply the knowledge to any curl type and will build a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of working with all textures of hair. 


Please keep in mind that this is a beta round which means we are still testing and perfecting the inner workings and materials in the course. We rely heavily on your weekly feedback to make updates and changes to ensure the course is as good as it can be! 


Once you sign up, you will immediately have access to the Welcome section and a new set of lessons will open for you to access every 7 days after signup. 



  • Welcome! (Open upon enrollment)
    • Meet the Educator, What to Expect, ACA Philosophies, Intro to the 4 Pillars, the Psychology of Curly Clients and Learning with Confidence.

  • Week 1: Pillar 1- 10 Point Analysis, Consultation and Communication 
    • Intro to Pillar 1 with focusing on creating a solid consultation plan, customer communication and designing a game plan through the 10 Point Healthy Hair and Scalp Analysis.


  • Week 2: Pillar 1- Personalities & Communication 
    • Communication, Personality traits and Characteristics identified & explained in depth.


  • Week 3: Pillar 2- Curl Shaping
    • Texture, Curl Characteristics, Curl Types, Cutting techniques, and much more!


  • Week 4: Pillar 2- Hair Cutting Construction 
    • Intro to concepts of basic haircut shapes and creation concepts.


  • Week 5: Pillar 3- Product Knowledge & Pillar 4 – Styling Techniques
    • Pillar 3- Hair Porosity, product classifications, how to choose product for compatibility with texture plus porosity and application options.
    • Pillar 4- Options of manipulating of the curls in order to achieve a desired result. 


  • Week 6: Review 
    • Video review of the course
    • Final quiz


Sign Up Instructions:

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  4. Click the link to set your password and return to the course home page (this page)
  5. Click ‘Login’ and enter your new password
  6. You’re in! The Welcome Week will be open immediately to introduce you to the course

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