6 Weeks of Curl Fundamentals

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This course is intended to introduce you to the concepts and philosophies surrounding natural curl textures. You will learn my system, the 4 Pillars to Beautiful Curls, which breaks down the four main concepts to succeed with natural curls. Pillar 1 will cover consultations and provide you with tools to better communicate and understand the client including my 10 Point Checklist for Hair & Scalp Analysis. Pillar 2 is all about cutting techniques for curly hair. I will be explaining and demonstrating both wet and dry cutting techniques and when is the appropriate time for both options. Pillar 3 will teach you about product knowledge specifically for curly hair. I have found that finding the correct products is one of the biggest struggles for curly clients. They will look to the stylist to help guide them and Pillar 3 will give you the tools to correctly educate the client. In Pillar 4, you will learn how to properly style curly hair and many techniques to achieve different results. We will cover diffusing and multiple ways to use a hooded dryer to create several looks.