6 Weeks of Curl Fundamentals

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This 6 week course will be introducing you to the concepts and my philosophies surrounding Naturally Textured Curls. 


Each Monday at 10am EST, we will have a live Q&A Zoom call with Amy. (Starting March 8, 2021)


  • Week 1: Pillar 1- 10 Point Analysis, Consultation and Communication 
    • Intro to Pillar 1 with focusing on creating a solid consultation plan, customer communication and designing a game plan through the 10 Point Healthy Hair and Scalp Analysis.


  • Week 2: Pillar 1- Personalities & Communication 
    • Communication, Personality traits and Characteristics  identified & explained in depth.


  • Week 3: Pillar 2- Curl Shaping
    • Texture, Curl Characteristics, Curl Types, Cutting techniques, and much more!


  • Week 4: Pillar 2- Hair Cutting Construction 
    • Intro to concepts of basic haircut shapes and creation concepts.


  • Week 5: Pillar 3- Product Knowledge & Pillar 4 – Styling Techniques
    • Pillar 3- Hair Porosity, product classifications, how to choose product for compatibility with texture plus porosity and application options.
    • Pillar 4- Options of manipulating of the curls in order to achieve a desired result. 


  • Week 6: Review 
    • Video review of the course
    • Final quiz