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6 Weeks of Curl Classics Online Course (Beta)


Course is currently closed for enrollment as we switch to a new and improved platform!


This course will cover the fundamentals vital to working with all natural curl textures. It will cover communication/consultation, cutting concepts, products and styling for curly hair. With Amy’s 4 Pillar system, you’ll be able to apply the knowledge to any curl type and will build a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of working with all textures of hair.


The course is valued at $400-500.


For the first round, we had all students start the course at the same time and go through the material together. This time, we’d like to try allowing individuals to sign up at their convenience, so there may be students at different points in the course all learning together. Part of what we are looking for is which model works best. Regardless of when you sign up, the material will release on a 7 day schedule and is self-paced. So if you start the course on a Tuesday, your new material will release each Tuesday.


Amy has prepared reading material, videos, pictures, quizzes and more to guide you through learning her curly hair philosophy. This class will require access to the following tools: internet, shears, clips, combs, mannequin/model, spray water bottle, and a Denman brush or flexible rubber brush.


All course information is property of Ambushed Curl Academy and is not permitted to be copied, shared or saved in any way. By enrolling in the course, you agree to our Terms of Service.


Your participation and feedback is crucial to the success of our testing and we ask that you provide honest, detailed feedback throughout the course. Those who complete the course in its entirety are eligible to be added to our Curl Directory and will receive a certificate of completion.


We are excited to get started!