About Amy


With over three decades of experience in the hair industry, Amy Bush has attended, as well as taught, numerous education classes. She’s been completely fascinated and passionate about the art of naturally textured curly hair for a little over the last decade and has decided it’s time to share her knowledge to inspire the next generation of stylists through the Ambushed Curl Academy. Through her years of experience, she has developed her own set of unique techniques specifically for the naturally curly client.


She founded Ohio’s first curly hair salon, Ambushed Salon, in 2010. Amy wanted to cultivate a space where curly heads could come and feel like they belonged. To do this, she knew she needed to provide her own training for any stylists she decided to bring onto her team. This is done through the Curl Immersion Program: a customized learning program for every new stylist to learn all her curly hair secrets.


“Since I can only reach so many stylists through my hands-on program in the salon, I wanted a way to take the information global. Online education has been on my mind for several years and I am finally bringing it to fruition. Now, I can share my techniques and education on naturally curly hair with stylists across the globe, creating a bigger and better community of professionals to serve the world’s textures.”


Amy’s other passion in life is horses and she finds many connections between horse training and educating people. When working with horses, she has learned it’s best to break learning down into small, connective learning concepts, then build it back up in a clear and easy to understand format. Her teaching style is to isolate, separate and recombine the skills. She has found this same technique to be very successful when educating stylists as well.

“I’m so very excited to be able to share and pass along my knowledge to inspire you to create the career and life of your dreams. I can’t wait to celebrate your successes!”