Pillar 4

Pillar 4 dives into styling techniques which will provide you with the power to really put the icing on the cake! Through proper styling, you will make the most immediate impression of your clients perception of your professionalism and talent. You will be provided with the understanding of multiple options for styling and be able to teach your client to recreate the look on their own for continued success. When it comes to styling, there is a multitude of options to fit every lifestyle and curl classification to bring your client’s personality to life. Knowing how to match up the correct styling options for the right curl types will allow you to style any texture from beachy waves to afro-textures. It could be as simple as a wash and wear style or perhaps more formal options for a special event. You’ll know how to get the perfect bouncy curl or how to elongate and lengthen their texture to combat shrinkage. These skills will provide you the ability to meet any styling need for any texture.