Pillar 3


One of the biggest struggles your curly client faces is finding the right products! They have tried every option they can find and it’s up to you to end that serch. Pillar 3 will make you a master at product classification and proper application for every natural texture you encounter. A true understanding of ingredients and product myths will set you apart from the competition. The right products and routine make it simple and the right technique makes all the difference for continued client satisfaction. It also makes it easy to be able to control and prep the curls for any desired style, as well as deliver the best results for maintaining healthy scalp and hair. Your client’s will be in awe of how amazing their curls look and feel and you’ll be able to send them home with the right products and a routine to maintain their beautiful healthy curls. (Not to mention, your retail sales will soar as client’s jump to purchase the first products they’ve ever had success with.)


Remember, when their curls look amazing, we look amazing. The right products will make your client’s life easier and help show off their beautiful curl shape! This is actually one of the pillars that people will judge your skill the most since they are expecting you to give them the answers they have been looking for.