ACA Philosophies


This collection of my personal philosophies have lead to the creation of my systems, which I believe has contributed to my success. By sharing these beliefs, I hope to inspire you to create abundance in your life.


I BELIEVE we have a responsibility to create clear communication with our clients. To guide our clients in knowing what the best results will be and being an active solutions finder. Then we can draw up the roadmap by being the authority and not unknowingly expect them to have the answer. This is our area of expertise: being the leader of the curly clients journey.


I BELIEVE curly hair can be shaped either wet or dry. In fact I have found that every dry cut needs to be reinforced wet. Fined tuned, checked out, cleaned up. The important thing is to know the rules. Curls have different rules between wet and dry cutting. Curly hair needs to be examined in its’ natural curl state to be able to be accurately assessed. Curls are shape shifters. So it is imperative we see the natural texture in all forms. I also believe in gaining knowledge in a strong foundation for cutting shapes. The more you learn the more you will achieve.


I BELIEVE it is imperative to understand the job of each product and how it performs for each curl classification. Every individual will have their own unique preferences when it comes to their hair. Taking the time to inform yourself to make the best decisions for the curls sitting in your chair makes a huge difference. Most importantly, being adventuresome and experimental is key to finding what will work. Ultimately, I am for what works for that individual.


I BELIEVE hair is beautiful with minimal manipulation. It is our job to teach our clients how to achieve the desired style so they will look and feel beautiful even when they are not in the salon. Styling is the one Pillar that will give the most impressive immediate impact. Remember that people rarely remember what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel. If they feel amazing when they leave, they will be eager to return so they can experience the feeling again. It is also important to be able to offer options of styles so that we can help them through difficult transitions, special occasions or just plain boredom. Natural to me can involve manipulations as long as we are not risking damage. Therefore I do not believe in offering services that require intense heat with tools, tight braids or added artificial enhancements. My passion is to support the embracing of the natural beauty that is it’s own unique texture.


I BELIEVE it is absolutely possible to be successful in the top 1% of our industry. This is can be reached with education, motivation, hard work and focus. By investing in yourself and your education, you will shorten the time it takes for you to be successful. Being a part of a growing movement will allow you to secure your future, regardless of the economic economy, by drawing in new clients and retaining existing ones with your expanded skilset.


I BELIEVE the naturally textured curly hair movement is only growing and getting stronger. Research and the numbers support this. Don’t wait until it is too late. Be in the front of the race. Stand out from the crowd. When everything comes together, you will be amazed.


-Amy Bush