Interview With Autumn Theodore

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1. Introduce yourself and tell us about how you got connected with Amy Bush.
I am a corporate/commercial photographer and I use my 7+ years of marketing experience to help brands curate image libraries that easily handle the rapid need for timely, fresh images for websites, marketing materials, and social media. I specialize in event, brand, portrait, and product photography. I met Amy in 2014 when I was so sick of getting bad haircuts that I finally took my friend’s advice and made an appointment at Ambushed. Amy and I clicked immediately and she became my first commercial client! (I was doing weddings, families, and other types of photography at the time, but was excited to start working with other businesses and Amy trusted me!)

2. Being our resident photographer for all our photoshoots, can you give us an idea of what inspires you when looking through the lens and shooting curly hair?
What inspires me is just seeing people work. I’ve always had a passion for being “behind the scenes” while others do their thing – it’s so special to get to see the details, ask lots of questions, and know more about others’ industries. I don’t ever plan ahead of time about the exact shots I want to get. I just tell Amy (and everyone else!) to just start working and I’ll move around getting shots of whatever interesting things are happening. But clearly we do need shot lists sometimes, so I’m not being a total renegade!

3. What kinds of services do you offer?
See #1! (And also my website, which has a portfolio!

4. What 5 words would you use to describe your values?
Relationships. Problem solving. Autonomy. Kindness. Quality time.

5. What goals do you have for the next year?
I want to become more present. My mind moves a thousand miles per second and I know I should start practicing meditation to slow down!

6. If you had a single piece of advice you wish everyone knew what would it be?
You might be looking for something deeper, but I’m going to share the thing that came directly to mind! Try cold cheese pizza. You can get it at DiCarlo’s in Hilliard. Don’t take it home. Eat it right out of the box in your car so the cheese doesn’t melt. It’s “Steubenville-style” pizza, which is what I ate growing up. Crunchy crust, thin sauce, and cold cheese right on top. Delectable.

7. What impact in the world are you looking to make?
Since my passions align well with charitable causes, I wouldn’t be surprised if I continued toward finding ways to help others. I am currently volunteering at the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio every Tuesday from 9am-2pm. I get to paint and build furniture (two passions!) for those in need. This is what I do now, but I’m sure I’ll find additional ways to help others too!

P.S. Apologies that my most recent professional photo doesn’t show me with my natural curls! If you’re curious, I uploaded a photo to prove it!

Find Autumn online:
IG: @autumntheodorephotography