Interview With Susie Turner

Susie Turner Headshot

1. Introduce yourself
My name is Susie Turner. I moved from Kingsport, TN to Columbus, OH in 1982. I am the mother of one son, Timothy Aaron Schofield, who is married to Charlyn. I have two beautiful grandchildren, Joshua Aaron and Aniyah Joi. I am the owner of Beyoutiful Naturally and the founder of WHEN NATURAL HAIR MEETS FITNESS and WE FIT TOGETHER GALA and AWARDS SHOW.
I am a fitness and natural hair enthusiast. I currently reside in Westerville, OH.

2. Tell us about Beyoutiful Naturally
Beyoutiful Naturally LLC is a fitness (personal/group) organization. We have been operating since October 2016. It is our goal that every person we have the pleasure of training, that they will realize how special they are; that they will make each day their best day, to be themselves to the fullest and never back down being themselves. It is a joy seeing our clients evolve.

3. What inspired you to start Beyoutiful Naturally?
I want to see people do better, be better and live longer. Primarily my clients are women. As women, we go through so much. Our self-esteem sometimes hits rock bottom. I want to see women really fall in love with themselves. I know moving, working out makes that happy juice (serotonin) start flowing.

4. What 5 words would describe the values of Beyoutiful Naturally?

5. What goals do you have for next year?
Continue to prosper and grow spirit, soul and body so that I can help new and current clients reach their goals.

6. If you had a single piece of advice you wish everyone knew, what would it be?
Things aren’t as bad as they appear. So don’t get stuck believing it’s always going to be this way. THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!

7. What impact in the world are you looking to make?
If I can have an impact on one person living their life holistically and that person go and impact someone else, and on and on….a part of my assignment has been accomplished!!

Find Susie online:
IG: @beyoutiful_naturally
FB: BeYoutiful_Naturally