Online Learning- Coming Soon!

Class Description
Coming soon, we’re taking the ACA global with online education! This program is packed full with more curly haired education than even we expected. It was built to accommodate just about any learning style with everything from video to quizzes to flashcards and more. Each of the 4 Pillars will be fully broken down into their simplest forms and then built back up again to ensure you have the skills to master any curl you face. You’ll be tested every step of the way as you challenge yourself to re-think what you’ve been taught and break old habits in favor of creating new perspectives. Take your business to the next level by setting yourself apart from the competition and defining yourself as the Curl Expert in your area. The class will close with you putting it all together for your final exam: a video of your new skills submitted to Amy with her personal critique. Once completed, you can officially call yourself ACA Certified and will be listed on our page of graduates!

About the Instructor
With three decades of experience in the hair industry, Amy Bush has attended, as well as taught, numerous education classes. She’s been completely fascinated and passionate about the art of naturally textured curly hair for a little over the last decade and has decided it’s time to share her knowledge to inspire the next generation of stylists through the Ambushed Curl Academy.

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